Teahouse in the Garden 

The Brief

You are asked to analyse, explore, interpret a Japanese tea house in order to produce a series of drawings and models that demonstrate your insight into the true working of an interior architectural project. By revealing (reverse engineering) inner workings of a small-scale project, you will learn how a 'real' representation of design is put together. The module brings the student behind the facade, revealing an 'x-ray' of the tea house, further, allows insight into the cognitive processes of the designers who brought the design into being.

- December - January 2017  

This task was set up to improve technical skills and architectural understanding. I was given just the name and one photograph of the Teahouse to go by, the rest was up to me. I had to find out as much information as possible about the Teahouse in the Garden. From the analysis of the teahouse, I created plans, elevations, sections, drawings and models in both a virtual and physical sense. To fully understand the teahouse I conducted an in-depth study into the tea Ceremony itself, looking at the cultural context and how this may have changed or affected the design.


The Teahouse I was given was the Teahouse in the Garden designed by David Maštálka and Vojtech Bilisic. It can be found at the bottom of the hill, dividing Hloubetin and Aloisov you will find a small garden, where inspiring apple and cherry trees blossom, creating an unpretentious, slightly wild, yet graceful garden. A perfect place to build a tea house. 


To read the full design journal click here.

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