Restaurant Design 

The Brief


This Project will as a professional commercial project. You will study existing Restaurant brands and environments looking at all the components that create a successful dining experience that increases footfall & drives sales. You will choose a brand to work with, research it's target customers and design a bespoke dining experience.

Your design needs to be BOLD and creative, interpreting the brand values and street appeal. The project requires you to work at a fast pace designing, sketching, testing and evolving your work. You can be given plans to work with and you will need to build models of your space to test ideas, materials, furniture layouts.

Your design can be a creative installation within a restaurant, pop up/mobile restaurants, large or small-scale restaurant environment.

- February 2016

This was a short 4-week project working across the year group, to improve teamwork and share skills. The project was to create a design linked to a restaurant dependant on the choose restaurant brand. I chose Arch Duke which is a cocktail, steak and Jazz bar based in London near Waterloo station. I choose a 1930's Cinema designed by George Coles as the new premises. The cinema is known as the Carlton Cinema and is located in London with a range of Music colleges around, as I believed these would be the types of the customers the Arch Duke would interest. The main theme of the bar is that it will have live music and use the stage to its advantage. It is an atmospheric restaurant with a more chilled vibe. 

To view, the full design journal click here.

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