The Great Barrier Reef Pop Up Experience 

The Brief

Research and identify a subject that interests you in relation to a marine or coastal environment. Identify an appropriate scale at which to explore your subject (perhaps nanoscale, object scale, human scale, ecosystem scale, ocean scale). Identify and respond to appropriate trans-disciplinary stimulus to generate a design concept (an object/artefact, a product/service proposition, a spatial and/or interior concept proposal).

A range of suggested areas, trans-disciplinary stimulus and provocateurs will be made available to you, or you may identify your own subject and stimulus in consultation with your subject tutor. Whichever you decide, you must define a personal project proposal within the first week of the module. The document should identify: What (What are you going to design?), Why (What critical context might influence your work?), How (What design process will you exploit?), When (Your time plan and how will you structure your work?).

- November 2016  

The Great Barrier Reef Pop Up Experience was part of a transdisciplinary project, which involved collaboration with someone from a different subject. To make sure I was creating a project for a serious matter that is actually causing problems, I spoke to Bethan a Marine Biologist which gave me the perspective of someone from a different but relevant discipline. 

The Great Barrier Reef Pop Up Experience is a portable exhibition that highlights the degeneration of the Great Barrier Reef. To combat the issue I wanted the experience to help the environment, in multiple ways such as: reusing a shipping container, powering the container through kinetic energy and sustainable materials. The experience takes on an immersive trip through the reef, starting with the Reef in it's prime and ending with where the Reef is now, as a result of coral bleaching, pharmaceutical waste etc. The experience aims to educate the general public on the benefits of the Reef and what we need to do to help save the reef. The experience supports Fight for the Reef, which is the largest organisation aiming to save the reef. 

To read the full design journal click here.

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