Plmouth Before Time 

The Brief

Plymouth Museum, Library & St Lukes church are being developed into a new Plymouth History Centre which will provide Exhibition space, a contemporary art gallery, and West Devon Record Office. For the new centre you will be designing a public area from the following themes: Interior Areas (Exhibition/ gallery spaces, Information areas, educational area), Exterior Areas (Pedestrianised square on Tavistock Place - Transition space, linking the buildings, bringing the museum outside, connecting the area with the city), Installation design (Connecting spaces internally & externally).

These are the core themes of Spatial and Interior Design, you will use immersive narrative through your designs, connect and engage the visitor within your space. Genius Loci (Spirit of Place) will help inform & inspire your design. Your design is to be a sensory experience, being site, content & client-specific. Consider Plymouth as an entity, connecting the site to other areas, helps visitors navigate through the city. How can you enhance the connection of the collections to the city & the people that live there.

- March-May 2017 

In connection with the Plymouth History Museum, Willmott Dixons and Atkins, the brief was to design a section of the museum, this allowed me to explore a different section of design and to challenge myself. Plymouth Before Time is an educational experience designed for Plymouth Museum that explores Plymouth's natural history. The experience is aimed at all children, to teach them about Natural History through play, interaction, and immersion, through the children engage their senses, sight, touch, smell and even temperature. One of the main aims was to make the experience fully inclusive of all children regardless of their gender, disability or race. Technology plays a large part in the experience, through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The use of technology allows the museum to update their systems/apps to keep them up to date.

To read the full design Journal click here.

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