Office Design 

The Brief 

During this module, you will undertake a series of tasks that will introduce you to the field of workplace design and equip you with the skills to design successfully within this sector. 

As part of the project, you are asked to develop designs for an office of the future that will encourage creativity, flexible working, collaboration, and interaction. 

The mood and atmosphere and mix of spaces are critical in creating an attractive and practical workspace.

You may challenge conventions and propose innovative solutions however your proposal must be practical and achievable. 

- October 2016 

An office can be a dull place to work that doesn't allow people's creativity to thrive. I looked into multiple options that can make an office a more productive and creative environment, such as: play, nature and travelling etc. Through further research I decided to focus my project on surrounding people in nature as it has been proven to improve physical and mental well being.

The conceptual design fully immerses the employees within nature even though they are in the middle of a city in a skyscraper. Each room has a different purpose and as a result, the rooms have different themes that correlate to the purpose. The main office space is designed to replicate a park or a large expanse of outdoor space to help reduce stress within the office place, there are no walls within the office to allow the employees to communicate and collaborate easily. The Meeting room is designed to be enclosed to allow for privacy. The kitchen/social area is the most relaxing place in the workspace, it is inspired from a day at the beach.

Behind the Scenes

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