The Brief


As a spatial/interior designer, you should design spaces that "move" your occupants "physically, intellectually and emotionally". 

Your project is the "Human Nest" studying the ergonomics of the human form based on Le Corbuiser's Modulor Man. Your site is Mount Edgecombe you will use the history and the spirit of the place to contextualize your research to inspire your designs. The main aim is to get you working at a range of scales up to 1:2 & 1:1 creating a piece of art/sculptures to help develop site inspiration and gain a clear understanding of the design process. 

- December - January 2017

A human nest can be used to describe a range of spaces from a small enclosed or semi-enclosed space. This brief was about designing a human nest to be placed anywhere within Mount Edgecumbe House and Country Park. The design is inspired by Lily pads and lotus flowers. I was intrigued by the way they were able to float elegantly on the water. The LilyPod is designed to function as a small quiet meeting place during the day where families or friends can meet and have lunch. Whilst during the night the LilyPod acts as an art installation as they light up the lake at night. Each of the LilyPods are sustainable as they are powered using solar panels, and use a cork base to float, but are chained down to make them stable and anchored in one place.

To view the full design journal click here.

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