The Brief 

My design is going to be a hands-on experience where I want to experiment with different textures. Also, I plan to look into an alternative material for construction, focusing more on textiles. I want to explore different textiles to see how they react with light, projection and what sort of shapes can be created through tension and compression.


I want to investigate the theme of curiosity, invoke people’s childlike curiosity and create an exhibition stand that allows people to interact or even ‘play’ with it. The challenge will be to create a fun and exciting exhibition stand without taking the focus from the work we are presenting. I plan to explore the use of projection and how this could make the stand more sustainable. Additionally, I want to explore the idea of using projection to showcase our work and how it could affect the outcome for our final major project because an A1 ‘poster’ wouldn’t be the best use of projection. Whereas, if we all had a small video showing our work it would have a

bigger impact and more suited to projection. I plan to look into 3D mapping, this will allow me to experiment with more organic shapes for the stand and links with my keen interest in biometric design, which uses nature to sustainably solve some of the world’s greatest problems.


One of the key features of the exhibition stand is that it must be as sustainable as possible with minimal waste.  I thought of projecting onto textiles which means that we won’t have a mass of paper to recycle. The projectors could be kept for other occasions and the material would be barely used and therefore available for future students. I would like to explore the possibility of using illusions as part of the exhibition stand to manipulate the space and make people think there’s more space then there actually is. The key to a good illusion is misdirection making the final reveal even more exciting and unbelievable.


The exhibition will hold our 3rd-year-degree show that needs to be displayed at the end of year degree show at the university, as well as the national interior show at Free Range in London. The primary target audience for the exhibition space is my fellow 3rd year spatial and interior students. As a result, the portable exhibition space will need to cater for all our individual projects and needs, as well as bring us together as a collective. The secondary target audience is prospective people who will visit our exhibition. This including the general public and professionals who might be our potential employers. Therefore, the exhibition needs to have a professional feel to it.


Budget £200 per person. 14 of us in total the final budget is £2,800

- October 2017

In preparation for our degree show and free-range in summer 2018, the aim of the project was to design our exhibition space When designing I was thinking about ‘What will happen to all the materials after the exhibitions?’ The aim of my design is that all the material could be reused or recycled after we finished with the exhibition. This was the reasoning behind choosing to project the work on sailing material or opting for nuts and bolts to attach the bamboo. Additionally, I wanted a design that could be changed or rearrange to best suit our final projects as we were un aware of what we would be exhibiting when we were designing the space.

To view, the full design Journal click here.

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