Beyond the Screen

This was a short 4-week project that involved teamwork, developing new skills and mastering new programmes and techniques. The aim was to learn and develop the skills associated with digital fabrication. Working in teams to develop each skill including 3d scanning, 3d printing, lazer cutting, plotter cutter, Rhino, extraction and throwing clay. As a result of experimenting with each of the processes, the task was to develop an individual design proposal that illustrates how digital fabrication can be used in your particular practice/award. My design proposal experimented with the use of Hexagons as they are seen widely within nature along with technology, which I want to fuse together within the design. The design is an art installation that celebrates the hexagon. It is a small archway using the hexagons to form the shape as well as with helping with stability.

To read the full design Journal click here.


- February 2017

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